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Updated 5 January 2014

cold water acclimatisation training Cold Water Acclimatisation Training for winter OCR series With winter OCR races around the corner it is time to acclimatize to the cold weather and cold waters. Pre-register and get a get a lake water temperature alert every time the lake water temperature drops…read more.
Thomas Blanc Spartan Champion 6 times Spartan Champion and now Spartan SUPER Champion! Thomas Blanc, Elite Spartan Race Champ taking the UK OCR series by a storm. Winner of London Sprint, Cambridge Sprint, Yorkshire Sprint, Edinburgh Sprint, Midlands Sprint, Super Sprint. Coached by head coach, Michael Cohen…read more.
Personal trainers wanted PT’s and Fitness Trainers WANTED. Join the national and worldwide phenomenon and open up your own branded Spartan Race Training Camp & Bootcamp. Secure your region now! …read more.
YouTube video Exclusive interview with Head Coach Michael Cohen of Spartan Race Training UK. Cohen shares his inspiration and how he empowers and trains Spartans…watch now.
mens running magazine review Did Men’s Running Magazine’s Chris Lennon drown or did he find the Spartan blood!…read now.

Spartan Race Training

“Spartans are renowned for their training and skills. Here at Spartan Race Training UK we use natural movement techniques to optimize your fitness, health, strength and life.

We are always looking at more than the separate parts. We take your physical body, your mind, your emotions, your energy system and look to maximize your performance, strength, agility and overall functionality. We train beginners, seasoned and the elite for general fitness, endurance and of course obstacle racing.

Spartans never knowingly under train!”

Head Coach, Michael Cohen

I’m not a Spartan can I still train with you?

2013 Training Camps

11 August Sprint & Beast Training Camps Pippingford Park, East Sussex More Details
29 September Advanced Beast Training Camps Pippingford Park, East Sussex More Details
20 October Advanced Beast Training Camps Pippingford Park, East Sussex More Details

10 thoughts on “

  1. Message for dean, I am sitting with your nan ann at the mo! I was wondering if there was a spartan race in south of England this year?

  2. When is the next UK Spartan Race, Im kern to sign up a team of 4 for Devember if there is one? Please send me a link of you can! Thanks a million.

    • Hi Amy

      THe only Spartan Race is the BEAST on 9 November. Otherwise there are no races until Aug 2014 However, we are training obstacle race contenders throughout the winter for those contenders racing other UK OCR races.

      We are about to release the next series of training dates and will update you.

      Meanwhile, we have an awesome BEAST training camp on Sunday at the BEAST race venue. Only last couple of tickets left

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